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future development trend of lcd advertising machine
           as one of the protagonists of media advertising, lcd advertising machine occupies a very prominent position in life. it not only decorates the "facade", but also is an indispensable partner in life and work. the development of lcd advertising machine also records the rapid development of science and technology. observing lcd advertising machines in various fields in china can reflect the brand of different times. from black and white crt to back projection, plasma and liquid crystal, the technological innovation of advertising machine is growing and progressing with our life memory.
technological upgrading for development
         advertising technology will be replaced every few years. at present, the mainstream of the market is lcd advertising machines. if you want to ask: if you want to buy an advertising machine now, it can represent future trends. don't lag behind in a few years. which advertising machine do you want to choose? then, we will certainly recommend lcd advertising machine, which represents the future of media advertising, is a huge advantage that other mainstream advertising machines can not match.
high-definition display, bright color, simple design, customized to the heart. now the size of advertising machines is getting bigger and bigger, and they can get a better sense of audio-visual presence. that's why the same advertising content is totally different in the effect of paper advertising, because lcd advertising machine screen is big enough. the color is bright enough to have a visual impact.
protecting and promoting the use of vision
        compared with other advertising media, lcd advertising machine has great advantages in protecting eyes. with the improvement of life, people pay more and more attention to physical health and health. lcd advertising machine uses professional industrial lcd screen with high resolution, high contrast and high brightness, which makes the video image clearer, more natural, more delicate, more visual impact, and more able to display advertising details. the machine has the function of eliminating residual images, protecting the long-term use of lcd screen and protecting human eyes. in addition, the fuselage design is fashionable, generous, ultra-thin, easy to use, beautiful, using new environmental protection technology, good stability, can adapt to harsh environment. in normal use, it can achieve a very long service life of more than 60,000 hours, and can work all-weather uninterruptedly. at present, lcd advertising machine has become an ideal "fifth largest media" display device with excellent display performance.
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