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how to choose a cost-effective lcd advertising machine?
date:2019.05.14source:rong da caijing
       as a product of the new media era, lcd advertisers are very popular among the major advertisers. it quickly occupied the advertising market with its precise, flexible and fashionable characteristics. advertising machine application websites have penetrated all areas of our life and work, and can be seen in large commercial supermarkets, clubs, squares, hotels, government agencies and other places. so how should users choose cost-effective lcd advertising machines?
the first key component of lcd advertising machine is power supply. power supply is the support of content playback, so it is very important to select stable and high quality power supply. generally, the service life of power supply is 5 years, and the power supply is not stable after 5 years. if you buy a product from a certified manufacturer, you don't have to worry about the power supply during the use of the product. your life span can be 10 to 15 years.
lcd display screen
secondly, attention should also be paid to the lcd display screen when choosing and purchasing. the quality of lcd panel in lcd advertisement directly determines the display effect and service life of the advertisement picture. at present, there is a bad behavior in the market that inferior lcd panels replace the old ones and use inferior lcd panels. therefore, users must identify the well-known brands in the market when choosing lcd spliced panels to ensure product quality and after-sales service.
the service life of lcd advertising machine is 3 to 10 years. although replacing the lamp tube can prolong the life of lcd screen, the aging of lcd screen will still affect the image quality of advertising machine. if it is a lcd advertisement machine manufactured by a regular brand company, all the companies adopt the latest imported lcd screens, and will not consider using old screens and dot screens.
decoding function of decoder chip
the third key is the decoding function of the decoder chip. the support format of lcd advertising machine is to decode the video of common formats, mainly because of the display effect and stability when playing files. therefore, we have to ask about this performance when we buy.
product appearance
finally, the appearance of lcd advertising machine products, on the basis of the same price, how to choose beautiful products is very important, customers are more likely to accept a bright lcd advertising machine.
it is understandable that advertisers choose to use low-priced products, but the lowest price is most likely to bring the greatest loss. low-cost lcd advertisers have the same appearance, but there are great differences within the advertisers: low screen level, low motherboard capability, low scalability, low function, low compatibility, low protection service indicators will make you encounter unlimited trouble in future use. all the principles of "one penny, one goods" need to pursue the highest price performance. the factory's working time and case experience are reliable data to prove its strength and ability. when we buy things, we must recognize the reliable strength of businessmen.