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application of projector and touch instruction unit
date:2019.05.08source:rong da caijing
        with the continuous reform and updating of education in china, projection electronic whiteboard and liquid crystal electronic whiteboard will be more applied in future education.
 with the maturity of projector system and technology, projection whiteboard is obviously in a mature and stable stage. after the introduction of laser projector in education, a small storm of laser projector has arisen. laser projector is a laser projector as its name implies, because it is a projector without a light bulb, also known as a light bulb projector. it has the advantages of good brightness, high resolution and long projection service time. it makes the large-scale projection whiteboard more advantageous, solves the shortcomings of the original projection lamp which is easily damaged and used for a long time, and makes the projection whiteboard more extensive.
 application of electronic whiteboard and touch integrated machine
         touch teaching integrated machine is an interactive touch teaching equipment combined with modern science, which is integrated into professional electronic whiteboard teaching software. it can make the classroom as lively as watching movies and double the efficiency. using teaching software tools, network teaching resources and intellectualization, optimize teaching content and teaching mode. it also supports multi-touch, can meet up to 10 people writing together at the same time, is conducive to classroom activities between teachers and students. the touch response of touch lcd screen is accurate and fast. the operation, writing, painting, annotation, modification and erasure can be completed at will. it is scientific, efficient, simple and fast.
         the main results are as follows.:(1)the interactive touch teaching integrated machine has the advantages of convenient installation, small area and low purchase cost. touch teaching integrated machine is a comprehensive teaching machine which integrates touch screen, lcd screen, computer, audio power amplifier and other functions. there is no need to purchase various additional equipment and complex wiring, and it is easy to install and use. and the cost of purchasing is lower than the cost of purchasing all kinds of equipment.
 (2)touch teaching integrative machinethe display performance is superior. the lcd display of touch learning machine has high brightness, bright color and contrast, higher resolution and good light resistance, so the display experience is more realistic and superior.
 (3)touch teaching combines professional teaching software with abundant teaching resources and network resources. it has many different teaching functions. it can better realize the interactive teaching mode and improve the teaching quality.