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company culture

corporate vision: the world's first-class commercial lcd advertising solution provider.

enterprise mission: innovation to serve the society and create outstanding value.

business philosophy: scientific and technological innovation, integration and application, humanistic care, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

talent philosophy: employees first, people-oriented; every employee is a treasure, good use and cultivation of employees;
understanding the pursuit of employees and helping to realize personal value; respecting talents, attaching importance to morality, and reusing those who have both ability and virtue; "horse racing is better than horse racing", providing full development space and platform for employees;success is the success of an enterprise, sharing the fruits of its development

product concept: rongda colour crystal has always adhered to the "hardware production, software development, after-sales service" trinity business philosophy, to provide a comprehensive solution.

team culture: cooperation, communication, dedication, trust and complementarity.

development vision: emphasize talents, focus on scientific and technological innovation, provide customers with better products and services, strengthen the industry's in-depth development, through a package of "solutions" to achieve maximum industry value.


development path

development path

qualification honor

qualification honor

corporate vision

corporate vision

our vision for development

pay attention to talents, scientific and technological innovation, provide customers with better products and services, and strengthen the industry's in-depth development,providing services with overall "solutions" to achieve maximum industry value